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Engaged In Ink is a television show that focuses on tattoo culture. We think that everyone knows about tattoos, so we ar not going to bore you by putting a camera in a tattoo shop so you can watch the drama unfold. Instead, we are going to pull back the curtain on all things tattoos, out side of the shop, and explore a different aspect of tattoo culture each episode. From medical applications of tattooing, to the link to tattoos and Rock & Roll. We'll visit museums, hospitals, universities, and more to get under the skin of tattoo art. We'll get you looking at tattoo art in a different way through interviews with celebrities like Elvira 'Mistress of the Dark' to physicians like Dr. Annette Richard, supermodels like Anita Norris, and biologists like Chris Darling, all who have unique connections to the world of tattooing. So follow along, and give us your thoughts, as we introduce you to everyone who is Engaged In Ink!